Wedding Guitar Picks
Wedding Guitar Pick Ideas

Kaia and Steve

Kaia is a graphic designer and her fiance Steve is a musician. They wanted to find ways to combine their personalities and interests when planning their wedding, so they decided to get custom guitar picks! They don't have a specific theme for their wedding, but they want to focus on making their wedding truly unique to who they are. They are having live music, and Kaia is designing the wedding invitations herself. The colors for the wedding are - kermit green, burnt orange, dark fuschia and brown.. (Kaia says that they sound weird, but look nice!) Since wedding cakes can be pretty expensive they are planning to get sheet cakes at Costco and use the guitar picks as a little decorative touch on the top of each piece! Kaia says: "It will give what was once a boring piece of cake some extra flare and personality! We are so excited to have these as a little token of our special day!"

Wedding Guitar Picks

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