Wedding Guitar Picks
Wedding Guitar Pick Ideas

Erin and Matt

Many fun things can be done with custom picks at a wedding if they have had holes drilled in them. This pick design was used for the wedding of Erin and Matt, which took place on June 26th, 2010. The colors of the wedding were red, black and white, so the couple chose a white pearl pick with red text on it. Their names are on the front of the picks, and the wedding date is on the back. They also chose to have their picks drilled so that they could put ribbon through them and tie them around the napkins used for the wedding place settings. The napkin set is shown with one of their wedding invitations as an example of the colors and theme for the wedding and how the custom picks help to tie it all together. Of course, the guests were also able to keep the picks as favors!

Wedding Guitar Picks

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